COVID-19 & Working from Home

Working from home is temporarily the new way of working due to Covid-19. We are all very motivated as we won’t need to spend one hour every day commuting to and from work. It could provide the opportunity to rearrange your commitments under these tough conditions. You will have the ability to schedule meetings by phone or video link.

The Situation

Now, that being said, there are a number of Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) issues to be aware of and they relate to ergonomics. So, there are several things to consider:

-         You might start out sitting at a desk in your home office using just your laptop. This is great but working long hours looking at a 15.6” inch screen is not only bad for your posture, but it is also a way to strain your eyes, your neck, and your shoulders roll in without you realising it.

At first, you don’t think anything of it as your body can tolerate a little bit of discomfort but if your pain continues after 1 2 weeks a visit to your G.P, physio, chiro or massage specialist becomes necessary. These specialists will help you to correct and maintain a better posture.


What can you do?

The saying goes that prevention is better than cure and this is where ergonomics kicks in and you need to sort it out pronto! You need to ask yourself:

     1. Would buying an ergonomic chair support you adequately when you are working at your desk?

     2. Are your eyes level with the top of your monitor and approximately 600mm apart?

     3. Are you taking regular breaks?

     4. Is it sustainable or healthy to continue using your laptop keyboard?


Check back soon for additional details.


Products and services to help you stay productive.

One of the best and most widely used devices is a USB docking station. I’m sure you are asking what that is and why do I need one.  This device is very affordable and allows you to connect your laptop to:

  • 1. An external monitor (or two) and a separate keyboard & mouse

  • 2. Your printer

  • 3. Any sort of USB storage device

  • 4. Your home internet via cable

  • 5. A modern phone is known as an IP Phone. 

  • 6. A scanner or Multi-function centre (MFC)

  • 7. A Headset that includes both earpieces and microphone

  • 8. A Webcam

If you need any additional hardware or peripherals like cables, USB drives or software please ask us and we can order them within 2 business days, sometimes sooner.


Call Heidelberg IT now on 03 8644 2589 to arrange a complimentary 20minute phone call to discuss which products and services that will best suit your needs.


Coming Soon

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